About DuchenneXchange

About DuchenneXchange

DuchenneXchange was created with the vision of empowering those impacted by Duchenne through facilitating access to trusted information and support from the Duchenne community. 

This innovative digital education platform was developed in collaboration with the Duchenne community, including our Curation and Engagement Councils, as well as members of CureDuchenne and rareLife solutions. Building off of rareLife’s “onevoice” community building technology, the collaboration members guided the customization of the platform by identifying knowledge gaps, sharing information preferences, and continually engaging their networks for additional insights. 

The site is made possible by financial support from our Industry Supporters as part of our collaborative mission to offer quality resources to advance the health of people impacted by Duchenne. CureDuchenne initiated DuchenneXchange with the intent to create a neutral, friendly and safe community platform that can be shared and represented by the entire Duchenne community, and as the conduit to make this exciting community happen. 

We hope you find the DuchenneXchange platform helpful. Please click  here  to share any feedback, questions, or any general comments. You can also find answers to important questions on topics such as privacy and security in our  Frequently Asked Questions. 


The DuchenneXchange Team