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Dream Fulfillment

Dream Fulfillment

Dream Fulfillment

Yesterday, former President Jimmy Carter visited Nashville to participate for the week in a multiple home Habitat for Humanity build. He asked fellow workers in prayer to examine what they each needed in life to feel happy and fulfilled.

Prior to April 25, 2019, I personally would have answered, “Service to family and community to make a positive difference with my life.”

Then, we learned from doctors that my loving grandson Hayes has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Life abruptly changed for us. My family and I have had to re-calibrate life goals and day-to-day expectations. It has been very tough.

Months later, my family and I continue searching for ways to make some small contribution towards raising awareness and pushing for more advanced research and testing to end Duchenne. We have taken baby steps forward.

So, what do I need now to feel happy and fulfilled? I will skip the happy part, at least for now, other than during those precious moments when Hayes’ joy and laughter brighten our days.

As for fulfillment: To work even harder and smarter to raise awareness of Duchenne and take additional baby steps to promote caring treatment for afflicted children and advanced research for finding a cure to Duchenne.

At this moment in my life, that is my most important service to family and community in hopes of making a positive difference for a population of loving children and their supportive families who so desperately want and need Duchenne simply to disappear from humanity, forever.


Papa in Tennessee