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DuchenneXchange Vlogger – Glenn Dane Olesen

DuchenneXchange Vlogger – Glenn Dane Olesen
DuchenneXchange Vlogger – Glenn Dane Olesen
Josh Argall
Community Manager

Introducing Glenn Dane Olesen

As Community Manager of the DuchenneXchange, I’m incredibly excited to announce the addition of Glenn Dane Olesen, a 47-year-old man living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, as Vlogger and regularly scheduled contributor to the DuchenneXchange Blog.

A Bit About Glenn

Glenn is the CEO of an electrical engineering company that manufactures advanced real-time data acquisition systems. Outside the office, a strong belief in helping others led Glenn to volunteer his time and expertise as a member of a research team at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory that developed a robotic arm. The team’s research was showcased in a 2017 TEDx Talk, which included a demonstration of the arm’s potential real-world application by Glenn (a recording of that presentation is included below).

Glenn enjoys pursuing his passion for DJing in his free time. DJ GlennDane got his first official gig in 2013. He’s been DJing part-time for weddings, private parties, and other events ever since.

Glenn’s Message

Glenn’s mission is, “To inspire others to live their best possible life.” He’ll attempt to do that using the videos he makes by sharing insight from his 47 years of experience living with Duchenne.

The purpose of this video, his first, is simply to introduce Glenn to members of the DuchenneXchange. He felt it was important to share a bit about his background to help viewers understand where he’s coming from, hoping that they’ll be able to relate the messages in his videos to situations in their own lives. Glenn’s wisdom and perspective on life were developed by living through real-world experiences, a number of which are unique to individuals with Duchenne.

It’s my opinion, as a parent whose 18-year-old son is living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, that only those who’ve personally experienced the effects of Duchenne, can ever truly understand the full impact of living a life affected by it. Although our individual situations are influenced by an endless number of factors and those circumstances can vary greatly at any given time, the fact that our lives have been impacted by a Duchenne diagnosis remains consistent among us all.

Your Questions Are Welcome!

If you’d like to ask Glenn a question or share feedback with him about one of his videos, please post a message in rareCourage with the tag @GlennDane. Posting to rareCourage will ensure other members have the opportunity to benefit from Glenn’s response.

However, if you’d rather comment or ask a question privately, you can also send a message directly to Glenn on the DuchenneXchange using our secure messaging system. Simply visit Glenn’s profile and click on the “send message” button located in the upper-right corner of the page.

Glenn’s Introductory Video

Without further ado, I present to you, DuchenneXchange Vlogger, Glenn Dane Olesen!

TEDx Talk – Our Future with Intelligent Systems (It’s Better than You Think)

Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory Researcher, Bart Paulhamus, and teammate, Glenn Olesen, offer an alternative and optimistic perspective to today’s bleak headlines about the future of intelligent systems. They showcase the power of intelligent systems for functional restoration through an inspiring demonstration that combines robotics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.