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Evox Therapeutics wins funding from Duchenne UK to explore exosome-mediated delivery of dystrophin

Evox Therapeutics Ltd, a leading exosome therapeutics company, today announces that it has secured £655,000 in funding from Duchenne UK. The grant will be invested to support exploration of the Company’s exosome-based therapeutic platform to deliver either full-length dystrophin or its shorter variants in pre-clinical models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (‘Duchenne’).

Duchenne is a highly debilitating, progressive, muscle-wasting disorder caused by the lack of functional dystrophin protein, for which there is currently no cure. Delivery of dystrophin or its shorter variants to these patients has the potential to be a highly effective treatment option in Duchenne.  


Evox Therapeutics Wins Funding From Duchenne UK To Explore Exosome-mediated Delivery Of Dystrophin