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Focus on What You Can Do Rather Than What You Can’t

In fifth grade, it was hard for me to grasp why some people could play handball, run, and join the flag football team, but I couldn’t. I gave more weight than I should have to the things that I could not do. Looking back, I’m not surprised I thought that way.

All my friends were doing these things, so why couldn’t I? Of course, I went against my mom’s orders and tried to participate, but it made things worse. I knew I wasn’t ever going to do things the same way my friends could, but I tried all the more — and failed.

It took a few changes in my environment to flip that idea on its head, and my perspective is a lot different now than it was in fifth grade. As I got older, physical activity became less important and was replaced by academics, friendships, passions, and faith.

Focus On What You Can Do Rather Than What You Can’t