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NIH Awards $86 Million to Improve Genome Editing Techniques

Somatic Cell Genome Editing support is aimed at improving therapeutic options for both rare and common diseases.

Making changes to a patients DNA can have powerful implications for the treatment of disease. To tap into this immense potential, NIH recently awarded 21 Somatic Cell Genome Editing grants — totaling approximately $86 million over the next five years, pending available funds — to support research aimed at improving methods to edit the human genome. These grants are the first to be awarded through the Somatic Cell Genome Editing (SCGE) program, which was launched in January 2018 with NIH Common Fund support. As a trans-NIH endeavor, SCGE is managed by staff from multiple NIH Institutes and Centers, with leadership from NCATS.

NIH Awards $86 Million To Improve Genome Editing Techniques