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Roche Letter to the Duchenne Community

By now, many have heard about Pfizer’s decision to stop their clinical studies of domagrozumab in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We have received questions as to whether Pfizer’s decision has an impact on our clinical development program of RG6206 in Duchenne.

RG6206 is an investigational anti-myostatin adnectin that is designed to block the activity of myostatin and is given subcutaneously (by injection under the skin). The safety and efficacy of RG6206 in ambulatory boys (6-11 years old) is being evaluated in the Phase 2/3 SPITFIRE clinical study (www.clinicaltrials.gov reference NCT03039686, Roche study WN40227). Enrollment in the SPITFIRE clinical study is ongoing globally, and there are no planned changes to the study or its timelines as a result of Pfizer’s recent decision.

Roche Letter To The Duchenne Community