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Team Joseph Helps Duchenne Families in Need During COVID-19

Team Joseph, a nonprofit based in Commerce Township, Michigan that funds research and provides financial assistance for children diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is helping to ease the additional burden Duchenne families face during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Team Joseph has launched a Coronavirus Relief Fund as part of their Duchenne Family Assistance Program, an effort run in partnership with the Little Hercules Foundation

About 12,000 people are living with Duchenne, a progressive form of muscular dystrophy, in the United States. There have already been more than 250 requests for support from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, including families locally in Michigan and across the country. 

“While every family is disrupted by this pandemic, those caring for a child with Duchenne have extra challenges when it comes to keeping their family safe and affording basic needs such as food and shelter,” said Marissa Penrod, Founder/CEO of Team Joseph.


Team Joseph Helps Duchenne Families In Need During COVID-19