onevoice-notification-list | DuchenneXchange
Number Name Status
1 Username joined encouragement power and is earning stripes! yes
2 Looks like a lot of your rareMates are earning ep points. Consider joining them! (insert link to ep) yes
3 Did you know the community can earn ep, and you can be a part of it? yes
4 Turn on encouragement power (ep) in onevoice: Earn ep points and colorful zebra stripes! yes
5 The community is close to its ep goal! Keep on encouraging! yes
6 Username just earned their stripes! yes
7 The community has just reached ## ep points! yes
8 ## new people just joined onevoice this week! yes
9 User #2 shared a link with your rareTeam yes
10 Username has just joined your rareTeam (name) no
11 Username accepted your invitation to your rareTeam. whahoo! yes
12 Username isn't available to participate on your rareTeam and thanks you for your invitation. Invite someone else! yes
13 Username or email address hasn't responded to your rareTeam invitation - send a reminder! yes
14 You have X number of slots left on your rareTeam, consider filling them up with more invitations! yes
15 You have been invited to Username.s rareTeam yes
16 Username has left your rareTeam opening an invitation slot! yes
17 Username started a discussion about (insert link) no
18 Username make a replay to the rareCourage post yes
19 Username cared for your post yes
20 Username gave hugs on your post yes
21 Username gave thanks on your post yes
22 Username gave prayers on your post yes
23 Someone has reported your post/your post has been removed (with reason/reminder of policy) yes
24 Your profile is ##% complete . finish it off like the rock star you are! yes
25 So awesome! Thanks for submitting a suggestion. yes
26 Thank you for submitting a nomination! We will notify you if your submission is accepted! yes
27 User X has encouraged you to complete your rareJourney yes
28 email address (non-onevoice member invitation) hasn't responded to your rareTeam invitation - send a reminder! yes
29 [username of comment owner] mentioned you in a post! yes
30 user x adds a rareCourage post.user y replies to user x post and mention user x username in the reply. in this case, we want to avoid sending 2 notifications to user x (one for the username tag and one for the reply). instead, we want to add logic that checks for if a reply contains a username tag that matches the username of the original poster. if it does, then send a notification that says: yes
31 mension-rareTeam yes
32 rareTeam reply post yes
33 Post added to a rareTeam you belong to yes
34 {name} sent you a message yes
35 {name} replied to your message yes