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Physical Therapists

Adrienne Leblanc, PT, MPT

CureDuchenne Certified Physical Therapist
Independent Contractor
Nelson Pediatric Therapy
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

I graduated in 1994 from University of Southern California with a Master of Physical Therapy. I have worked in acute care, primary pediatric trauma centers as well as outpatient treatment centers for children ranging from premature infants to adolescent ages. In addition, I have spent a couple of years working in the school system in Connecticut.

I currently live and work in Arizona.  I contract with Nelson Pediatric Therapy and see patients in the home setting. I have treated many patients with DMD and currently have been treating three clients with DMD for the past 6 years. Two of them I have known personally for 12 years and I am very close to the family.  Watching these families go through the process and working with many in the past years as a PT, I felt a desire to gain more knowledge and treatment strategies to effectively treat them throughout their life span. By learning more about the disease and keeping up with the research, I am hoping to be able to reach out the DMD community and help them improve their quality of life.