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Patient Support Professionals

Kelly Querfurth Minks, MS

Genetic Counselor
University of Rochester Medical Center
Department of Neurology, Child Neurology
200 East River Rd
Rochester, New York, United States

Kelly Q. Minks is a child neurologist in the Department of Child neurology at University of Rochester Medical Center, New York. Kelly is a graduate from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics and a Master of Science in genetic counseling from University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has worked as a prenatal genetic counselor for a private maternal fetal medicine practice in Fort Myers.

Presently, she is working as a full-time genetic counselor at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the Department of Neurology (Division of Child Neurology) and the Department of Medicine (Division of Genetics). She serves for the children suffering from neurological disorders such as autism, duchenne muscular dystrophy, etc.