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Krista Vandenborne, PT, PhD

Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Florida Health Science Center
Box 100154
Gainesville, Florida, United States

Krista Vandenborne is a Distinguished Professor and the Chair of Physical Therapy. She is also an associate of the Evelyn F. & William L. McKnight Brain Institute, the Brooks Rehabilitation Clinical Research Center, and the Institute on Aging. Dr. Vandenborne’s work presents a multidisciplinary, integrated research approach to study muscle degeneration/regeneration from a pathophysiological level to functional impairment. The specific objectives of her program are to:

1) develop novel noninvasive techniques for the evaluation of skeletal muscle,
2) investigate the ability to enhance muscle function using modalities ranging from gene transfer, to exercise training and pharmacological treatment (hormonal supplement), and
3) examine the physiological process(es) essential to the repair of skeletal muscle and return of functional ability.

Her current funded projects focus on the pathophysiology of muscle atrophy and muscle regeneration after limb disuse and the use of viral mediated gene transfer of IGF-I to enhance muscle rehabilitation.


Representative Publications:

Multicenter Prospective Longitudinal Study of Magnetic Resonance Biomarkers in a Large Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Cohort

Examination of effects of corticosteroids on skeletal muscles of boys with DMD using MRI and MRS

Multi-slice MRI reveals heterogeneity in disease distribution along the length of muscle in Duchenne muscular dystrophy