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Qi Long Lu, MD, PhD

McColl-Lockwood Laboratory for Muscular Dystrophy Research
Atrium Health
501 Billingsley Road
Cottage B
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Qi Long Lu is the Director of McColl-Lockwood Laboratory for Muscular Dystrophy Research and Adjunct Professor at University of North Carolina. He completed his MD and MS degree from Shanghai Second Medical University and PhD from University of London.

Dr. Lu’s main interests are gene therapy, oligonucleotide therapy and read-through strategy for muscular dystrophies with a goal to treat limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) type 2I. Dr. Lu and his group have experimented several physical (electroporation, ultrasound) and chemical methods (pluronic polymers and microbubbles) to enhance gene delivery into muscle. Currently, natural and synthetic polymers are being examined and significant progress has been made for enhanced delivery of transgenes in both cell culture and animal models in vivo.


Representative Publications:

Polyethylenimine-Modified Pluronics (Pcms) Improve Morpholino Oligomer Delivery in Cell Culture and Dystrophic Mdx Mice

Adeno-Associated Virus 9 Mediated FKRP Gene Therapy Restores Functional Glycosylation of Α-Dystroglycan and Improves Muscle Functions

Mouse Models of Fukutin-Related Protein Mutations Show a Wide Range of Disease Phenotypes

The Status of Exon Skipping as a Therapeutic Approach to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

One-Year Treatment of Morpholino Antisense Oligomer Improves Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Functions in Dystrophic Mdx Mice