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Healthcare Providers

Ronald Smith, MBBS, FRCPC

Healthcare Provider
Developmental Pediatrician
Department of Pediatrics
School of Medicine
Queen’s University
76 Stuart St
Kingston, Canada

Dr. Ronald Smith is a Developmental Pediatrician in the Department of Pediatrics, Queen’s University. He is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine in Queen’s University. He is an active educator of medical students and residents on developmental topics and a member of the Examinations Committee of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Smith’s work in developmental pediatrics includes the assessment of autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, neuromuscular disorders and hearing impairment in children. His research interests include the impact on families of having a child with autism spectrum disorder, in the Military; epidemiology of neuromuscular disorders in Canada; and adult transition challenges of kids with ASD.

Dr. Smith enjoys collecting and breeding of Malawi Lake African Cichlids and watching English Premier League Soccer and other sports.

Representative Publications:

The Canadian Neuromuscular Disease Registry: Connecting patients to national and international research opportunities

A population-based study of dystrophin mutations in Canada