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Neuromuscular Medicine Program at Children’s National Health System

111 Michigan Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, United States
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Treating neuromuscular diseases in children and teens requires a high level of compassion, care and expertise. The Neuromuscular Medicine Program at Children’s National Health System leverages the expertise of an interdisciplinary team, cutting-edge research and innovative technologies to care for a wide range of neuromuscular conditions.

At the Neuromuscular Program, we treat children from infancy to age 21 and we’re dedicated to giving our patients the highest quality of life in and out of a clinical setting. We offer support for social, educational and emotional difficulties that often accompany neuromuscular conditions.

To expedite evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, our specialists operate three clinics:

         ·        The Neuromuscular Clinic

         ·        The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Care Center

         ·        The Diagnostic Clinic

Neuromuscular conditions are rare. Many are misdiagnosed or go unrecognized. The interdisciplinary team at Children’s National has the expertise to recognize these conditions and ensure a timely, accurate diagnosis.