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Academic & Health Care Centers

OHSU ALS and Neuromuscular Disease Center

Center for Health & Healing Building 1
Eighth floor 3303 S. Bond Ave.
Portland, Oregon, United States
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At the OHSU ALS and Neuromuscular Disease Center, our team provides expert care for all types of muscular dystrophy. We offer you:

• Nationally ranked neurologic care that addresses your needs at every stage.

• A team of specialists you can see in one visit.

• Coordinated care, including all your tests scheduled on one day for quicker results.

• Research-backed treatments, including medications and physical therapy, to ease your symptoms.

• A smooth transition for young patients from Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to our team for adults at the OHSU Brain Institute.

• The resources of a leading academic health center, including access to clinical trials testing the latest approaches to care.

The goal of treatment is to slow the progress of muscular dystrophy and relieve symptoms. At OHSU, you’ll work with a team to develop a custom treatment plan. Your options may include medication, rehabilitation, surgery or other approaches, depending on the type and stage of disease.