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Community Organizations

Romito Foundation

PO Box 1007
Frederick, Colorado, United States
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In 2007, Dominic Romito was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Neurologists explained that Dominic’s muscles would rapidly deteriorate and he would lose the ability to walk, to use his arms, and to take care of himself. Eventually, DMD would attack his heart and lungs and would take his life. Dominic’s brothers were also diagnosed with DMD.

The Romito Foundation works with a mission to improve the treatment and quality of life for all persons living with DMD and its objectives include:

• Directly provide funding to research for developing treatment and cures for DMD
• Conducting charitable events to raise public awareness as well as raising funds for the goals of the Foundation
• To partner with other organizations pursuing like goals
• To identify the best possible avenues to improve quality of life for people with DMD and augment funding in those areas