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Bone and Joint Care: Contractures, Scoliosis, and Fractures

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source: Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy


Orthopedics is the subspecialty that offers surgical and non-surgical devices and procedures to help keep the bones in their proper position and alignment. Orthopedists work closely with physical therapists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists (PM&R, “physiatrists”), and orthotists (specialists who make splints and braces). There are several issues that can arise in duchenne that may benefit from the services of orthopedics.

Because the bones of people living with Duchenne become very thin and fragile, fractures (broken bones) are extremely common. In fact 20-44% of all people living with Duchenne will break a bone, most likely a bone in the leg. Most fractures generally happen after ambulation is lost and may occur with very little trauma (a bump, changing position, being lifted, etc.).

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