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Patient Education

Coronavirus Health Update Guide by CureDuchenne

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source: CureDuchenne


As a mom, a family, a friend, an advocate and a community, we know that the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is clearly creating challenging times that call for the entire Duchenne community to come together and support each other. Through these challenging times, I wanted to personally assure you that CureDuchenne is here on this journey with you.

We promise to continue to commit ourselves to providing the Duchenne community the most timely and accurate information we can, drawing from the relationships and resources CureDuchenne has built over the past 17 years.

CureDuchenne is here, still committed to helping every individual with Duchenne, their families, and communities. We know that the coronavirus is presenting special circumstances for everyone, and especially for people living with Duchenne. We will provide information, solutions, and advice on our website and social media channels for the unique needs of the Duchenne community.


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