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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Guide

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source: CureDuchenne


CureDuchenne was founded on one mission, to cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Along our organization’s journey, we have been fortunate enough to cultivate a community that has continued to support not only our mission, but one another as well. We will continue to make strides to ensure quality of life for all those living with Duchenne all the while continuing to fight until a cure is found.

This Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Guide has been developed to provide families and caregivers with a comprehensive resource of equipment beneficial for individuals living with Duchenne. As the progression of this disease begins to rob individuals of muscle strength and ambulation, mobility equipment can offer realistic means with which to maintain active participation in activities of daily living and preserve as much independence as possible. While parents and caregivers are determined to find the equipment that will help keep their loved ones active in any way possible, we are determined to help them make the best decision(s) by providing them with all the resources they need in one place. This is a fluid online resource which will be updated continually to provide current information on equipment utilized by individuals living with Duchenne.

CureDuchenne is dedicated to foster hope and empower individuals living with Duchenne and their families.


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