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Patient Education

Considerations When Selecting Mobility Devices

key information

source: CureDuchenne


Things to consider when choosing an electric scooter are:

  1. Do you want 3 or 4 wheeled?
  2. Does it have a height adjustable seat in order to allow the feet to rest comfortably?
  3. Does the manufacturer have pediatric sized seats available?
  4. Is the tiller with the controls adjustable?
  5. Are the controls hand grip, thumb controlled or joystick?
  6. What is the warranty and/or repair costs?

Things to consider when choosing a power wheelchair are:

  1. Ask your therapist for their input and to be involved in the decision making.
  2. Which type of “drive” do you want?
  3. What kind of seat and back cushion comes with it? Is it interchangeable with others if that one does not meet your needs?
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