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Sweet Saraya

You are lying in your bed, unable to move. Your arms and legs feel like lead. You are hungry and you need to go to the toilet. But you can’t move. You can’t even move your arm to reach a button to notify anyone that you need help. You keep on willing your arms to move, but they don’t react. Your mouth is dry and you need a drink of water – where is someone to help you? And then you are hit with the agony of an itchy nose. Aaaarrrggghhh!! It is driving you insane because you can’t move to scratch it. Oh my god, will someone please come and help me! You call out, hoping someone will hear you. And then, from around the corner, your mother appears. She looks tired from getting up 13 times last night to help you turn in bed, and yet her face still lights up with the most incredible look of love when she sees you. She tends to your needs, she kisses your face, she puts your arms around her neck so you can feel what it’s like to hug someone, and then she pulls up a chair so she can sit with you and spend quality time watching your favourite television show or playing video games together.